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Val Callet, Manager
(714) 245-6611


​Everyone can take possession of the power of language and in this way see through and unmask the power exercised through language (Weiß & Schwietring).​

The EL Services team at ACCESS has two primary goals: to ensure ELs ac​hieve proficiency in English and learn academic English necessary for school, career, and life success. Academic English includes functional language, domain-specific vocabulary, and conversation moves to enable students to engage in academic conversations. The main strategies that support these two goals at ACCESS include English Language Development (ELD) curriculum for designated ELD and an approach for planning and delivering integrated ELD across school subjects called Constructing Meaning.

OCDE 2016-19 LCAP 
(This document has been approved by the Orange County Board of Education, but is pending the review and approval of the California Department of Education.)